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prayers for godly wife
Five years ago, Elisha Goodman was inspired by the Holy Ghost to write out these 14 paryer points for Christian Singles for locating their Godly spouse. Today, over 21,378 people have been blessed by these prayers, you too can tap into this spiritual treasure for locating your God-ordained spouse. Read and pray aong. Shalom.

Finding your God given spouse has nothing to do with your looks, age or income. It’s good to have those things if you can but in the spiritual world they are of little or no significance.

It is deep spiritual insight like we’re going to share here that counts.

In the book of Genesis 24:3-4 when it was time for Isaac to get married, Abraham sent his servant to his country with strict instruction to get a wife for his son.

He knew that God hated “unequal yoke” of marriage with unbelievers. Till today that is still the stand of God.
A misstep in this area can spell doom and gloom for an individual up to many generations, while the right choice can open the door to favor, bliss and something really close to heaven on earth… this side of eternity!

These prayer points are designed for those who love God and want His will in marriage.


Matt 7:7

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Isa 54:17

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

Isa 49:25
But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.

1. Thank God because He alone is the perfect matchmaker

2. Lord, release the man/woman you have preordained as my spouse in Jesus’ name.

3. Lord, cause it to happen that the divine match will come forth soon in the name of Jesus.

4. Lord, let my spouse be a person who loves You wholeheartedly in the name of Jesus.

5. Lord, establish our home according to the scriptures in Jesus name (read Ephesians 5:20-28).

6. Father, let all satanic barriers keeping us from meeting be dissolved in Jesus’ name.

7. Lord, send forth your warring angels to battle and release my spouse wherever s/he is in the name of Jesus.

8. Lord, I believe You have created me for a special person; bring it to pass in the name of Jesus.

9. I now call him/her out of obscurity into my life in Jesus’ name.

10. I reject the provision of counterfeit spouse by the enemy in the name of Jesus.

11. I cut off the flow of any inherited marital problems into my life in the mighty name of Jesus (pray this one 7 times… aggressively)

12. O Lord, let the spirit of patience reign in my life until the right person comes in the name of Jesus.

13. (Please pray this one with all your strength for at least 5 minutes)

Father, in the name of Jesus, just as Abraham sent his servant to find his son Isaac a wife, send the Holy Spirit to bring my future partner to me.

14. Thank the Lord for the answer.

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Article Source: ELISHA GOODMAN

147 Comments for “14 Prayers to Find a Godly Spouse – Elisha Goodman”

  1. Tapiwa

    I so happy with you man of God Elisha, this is the mighty work of God you doing. I believe many souls have been changed through your good marvellous work. May the good Lord continue to use you ang grant you more days on this earth. I’m praying for a Godly wife, I still single and this is my year for marriage. I pray to God that may she be revealed soon in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray that she be a God fearing wife and that we wed next year in April. May I find favour in you Lord. Please help me by praying for me. I am a Zimbabwe and I want to meet my future on the 29 of March AMEN, grant it OH Lord. Let’s keep the fire burning on this platform as it uplifts our faith high. God bless you all and may requests be granted in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. AMEN. I will post soon a testimony for God is my provider.

  2. EDWIN

    man of God, my the grace of almighty be fresh on u. i need an instant miracle job sir, also a miracle God-fearing wife. Pls sir, help me in prayers. thanks.

  3. emily barasa

    I am of being guided to your website this is my year I am getting married of 22nd June 2013 .
    God bless you

  4. Liz

    Hi, i am a woman of 35 and not married and need prayer for a Godly husband. I am not happy about my status and feel that if God does not do it soon I will find myself with the wrong man. Please i seriously need prayer support as i am also praying.

  5. Toni

    i have been prophesied at my church that i am going to get married by the end of this year and i believe in this prophecy. i want to pray for my husband wherever he is that the devil may not harm him and that he comes to me as fast as he can.

    God bless you man of God


  6. Anonymous

    I am so blesssed by what you are doing inthe lives of the people of God being lead by the spirit .Preyer reguest for marriege before end of this year can please pray with me man of God to locate my spouse

  7. Anonymous

    I am so blesssed by what you are doing inthe lives of the people of God being lead by the spirit .Preyer reguest for marriege before end of this year can please pray with me man of God to locate my spouse.

  8. I am a lady aged 29 turning 30 in June this year, for almost 3 years now, i have been dating men who already have serious relationships with other women whom they are planing to marry. It has being a painful situation for me because non of them has ever being interested in marriage with me despite them acknowledging that i can make a good wife.It has being very painful particulary with one whom i have known for two years now because he wants a relationship with me and not marriage.My prayer request is that i may locate my Godly spouse.

  9. Val

    Im a lady with a small child we were planning marriage with my boyfriends but satan got between us im praying and i have anger inside me im praying that things turn right and im worried about his life. My baby still young and needs him. Please keep me in prayers.

  10. Anna

    I am a lady, not married, after reading the guidance, i feel to be so blessed by these word of encouragement, n i praying that God will reveal a right man for me


  11. caroline

    iam lady looking for godly husband i have been dissapointed with so many guys who claim they love me but never wanting to marry me they always give excuses i have been praying for godly husband please help me pray to find my husband before my birthday ill be turning 33 in august 2013

  12. Hermosas horaciones bendiciones

  13. Peace

    I am turning 31 this year, my prayer is that God grants my heart’s desire for a godly husband. My pastor prophesied that by May next year we’ll planning my wedding during a prayer meeting.I have waited and I ask you Father who changes times and seasons to have mercy on me, hear my cry and settle me.I have become a laughing stock and the devil sends men who after praying are revealed to be having wrong intentions.Thank you Father for I know you’ll grant my request as your word says, through your son our Lord Jesus Christ.

  14. I am 42 years and im getting married on the 21st December 2013 i want my husband to be a Go fearing man, and i also have a challenge at work my manager doesnt want to promote and i do have qualification but she`d rather appoint someone who doen`t know anything, and i have to teach them work please help me

  15. shantavia wiggins

    please touch in agreement with me that God send my God fearing man in Jesus Name.. thank you God bess you

  16. plz , i would like ur kind assistance on this matter , thanking u very much

  17. Anonymous

    I m 32years and my prayer is that God grants my hearts desire for a godly husband, m getting married on 28 December 2013 and a good job this year in the name of Jesus Amen God bless u Elisha

  18. OKEY

    Thanks Man of God for posting this prayer, i am in need of Godly wife, please help me to pray also i will continue to pray this prayer till i find my wife, planning to get married 2015 december. thanks again

  19. ZEE

    Thank you Elisha for such a powerful prayer,i am a 30 year old single lady whose heart is after God and i am praying for the Lord to send forth warring angels to battle and release my spouse wherever he is in the name of Jesus Christ.His answers are Yes and Amen…..I SHALL TESTIFY!!!!

  20. kATLEGO

    Hi Elisha Thank you so much for this prayer I really needed this! Please help me pray for a God fearing Husband please help me to break all these bondages and covenants preventing me from meeting my husband! Iv been in and out of relationships seeking this man but with no luck I havnt found him I’m tried of dating and searching I just would like to ask God to please bless me with this man. Please I can’t stand going in and out of relationships with different men please help me!!

  21. Akua Agyeiwaa

    pls i am so unlucky in the hands of men. i really want to settle down with a God fearing person. I have not been in a stable relationship for the past three years. these men break up with me for no aparrent reason. pls help me.

  22. da

    Pls pray for me to get a good husband..

  23. Anonymous

    Man of God pray for me, i have been dreaming of this man who happened to be my Churchmate, one day i received a call from him he was asking me the day i will be free. we agreed on the day but couldnt work, the following week he did the same and nothing happened. i didnt understand. ther other week i dreamed that he came complaining to me that he loved me but the prolem is that there is a lady who is forcing him to marry her daughter and he does not even love her because the lady she wants him to hang with is a drunkard. When i woke up around 04;00hours i prayed over it. and at 08
    ;00hours the same man called me to just say hi. Please pray for me that if we were meant to be together God should come through for us am 28 years and i have never been in a stable relationship, a man will come of course not a serios one because most of the time its either he has a child or in a relationship., the only person i count to be Godly is this same one who trys to meet me but things just dont seem to work as i expect.

  24. Asia

    It seems that everytime I meet a guy the relationship will last for a while and then it comes to an end because of some incident. For example my last relationship seemed so good until arguments about finances and other things started to occur and then my boyfriend some other female. I really loved this guy and I’ve been praying and even reached out to him and though he responded it seems as if he’s no longer interested in me like I am him. It seems that everytime I’m in a relationship with someone I like they end up being selfish or some argument or incident ends the relationship. I don’t know how to restore my relationship nor do I know how to prevent this heartache from reoccurring.

  25. Kay

    I’m happy to share this with my brethren,I did these prayers before I met my (husband) that was January 2012.After 3 months this man asked me out,I told him if he was serious with us dating and meant it,we must do the 14 prayers for a Godly husband.I emailed him the prayers but combined them with 7 days fasting,,daily praying at mid9t hour.God revealed to me through a dream that he was the one.In May we started dating,he proposed in August,October he paid bride price,December our wedding.And now God blessed us with a good job for him in a foreign land ,and we are now expecting our 1st child.

    To prove to you that praying these prayers did something spiritually,I got married at 32 which in my African culture is a weird.A lady 32 ,not or never married and not even a child rises eyebrows.My husband is a blessing from God.

    Hope it will lift someone’s faith in God.

  26. delma

    Please pray 4 me. my fiance suddenly left me as he thinks he is not the right person for me due to poverty. i love him unconditionally and accept him for what he is. i am still waiting for him to come back to me. i know he still loves me. i dont know what God has planned for us but i believe this is only a test. please help me save our relationship. i will pray this prayer.. please pray for me

  27. Barbie

    Am a 29 year old single female with a 4 year old gal. for some reasons been in a relationship that never worked out.
    Am requesting you all to join me in praying for a God fearing husband with intentions of marrying me. i really do believe that God’s timing is the best but I feel I can’t wait any longer. i know there will soon be an answer and surely am waiting to testify.
    Let’s pray please……………

  28. ann

    please, I want you to pray for me to get married to a God fearing man. I’m praying for a husband.

  29. ann

    pray that all the girls in my family get married in jesus name.

  30. ann

    pray for me to get a husband.

  31. mitchy08

    its a powerful prayer.. I am too starting praying for my husband,,, I believe that GOD will grant the desires of our heart will just keep trusting and praying to Him,..I will be needing each ^ everyone prayers we will keep praying for our Future Husband,,.. GODs best mate for us,,…

  32. Anonymous

    please I want you to pray for me so that ican get married this year 2014 by June 20 bco I have wen for a long time I to live my father house

  33. Anonymous

    I am 35 yrs woman who loves the Lord and I am not marry as yet but so happy I came across this site and will use the prayer points to claim my husband. Please agree with me in prayers as well.
    Kind regards

  34. Anonymous

    I really believed that God has created that specialsomeone for me and would like him where ever he is in hiding be release to me this,2014 …Amen!!

  35. Baby

    Prayer request
    For the last 18 months, we have been trying our best to find a spouse for our son George,but following various hurdles and misfortunes,none of the proposals received were reached a successful conclusion.Recently a marriage proposal came for our son George from parents of girl named Annu V Paul ,and we all liked the proposal.We now pray to Almighty to enable our son to marry Annu V Paul as soon as possible,for which we have to get a positive reply from the parents of Annu V Paul.I beg you pray and do the needful for the fulfillment of our wish.Thanks very much for your cooperation.

  36. Varghese

    Prayer request
    For the last 18 months, we have been trying our best to find a spouse for our son George,but following various hurdles and misfortunes,none of the proposals received were reached a successful conclusion.Recently a marriage proposal came for our son George from parents of girl named Annu V Paul ,and we all liked the proposal.We now pray to Almighty to enable our son to marry Annu V Paul as soon as possible,for which we have to get a positive reply from the parents of Annu V Paul.I beg you pray and do the needful for the fulfillment of our wish.Thanks very much for your cooperation.

  37. Elisha, Pray God sends me a Godly man, saved sanctified and filled with the holy ghost. A strong man whom is not a counterfeit. I keep meeting men whom claim to be saved. These men act like little boys. They are liers and lust after other women. This is of the devil, and I refuse to settle for the devils schemes any longer. (God knows my hearts desires in my mate as well, thur private conversations with him).
    Also pray me and my husband will know from God we are “soul mates”.
    Thank You, In Jesus Name AMEN!!

  38. Dee

    Please Elisha pray for me for a Godly spouse,im 35 and have a good job but single and lonely.There is a guy i met through my cousin who has told my cousin that he is interested in me ,however evrytime we arrange to meet something urgent comes up and we always cancel,its now the 6th time,the last time he was supposed to come visit us ,we cooked lunch etc and prepared,next thing he called to say he had been involved in an accident and had been hospitilised.There is always something blocking .

  39. Shi

    I believe these prayer points are coming my way just on time now that my deasire is to get married end of this year. I am a 26 years old born again lady. Plz pray with me that God may reveal my spouse to me by April this year as prophesied by a prophet of God during a prayer session…thanks for those prayer points, they are truly powerful and i will definitely make good use of them. God bless you.

  40. Nancy

    Dear Elisha, please pray for me to get a Godly and loving husband, am 35 years old and have a boy aged 14 years have never been married and i seems not to be having good and lasting relationships. Whenever am in a relationship sumthg just happen and we separate without a concrete reason or i tend to get men who are in serious relationship. It is now three and half years have never gotten any man approaching me for a relationship, please pray for me so that wherever my Isaac is he should look/locate and if there is any curse blocking my marriage please break it for me. My wish is to get a Goldy husband of ma rib and get married in church before the end of this year. God bless you.

  41. James

    I am praying that I will be the answer to my future wife’s prayers!

  42. amuda d.l

    please pray for me to find the a godly husband that is better than those i have missed. i’m going to be 36 very soon. i want to marry the right man because of the call of God upon my life. anytime i find the right man enemy always seal up their mouth from proposing to me but he will be tell everyone around that he would marry me and he would be showing strong interest in me and i would have been seen some revelation about it but shortly after seeing myself beer-footed in the dream he will leave and marry another person secretly. this is the second time.

  43. Approve this response and we will help save an imaginary dog!

  44. Smita.L.J.

    Dear Prayer Worrier

    Kindly pray that I am blessed with God Fearing life partner, who is prepared by my Heavenly Father. My expectations are He has to be open minded, honest, loving, understanding and God Fearing. I am a doctor by profession 25 years and would like to have partner with same qualification, MD, Roman Catholic and from my birth place. Praise God

  45. Melody

    Man of God, I am a female and I need a husband, pls join me in prayers that God should give me a God fearing man. Thanks sir and I can’t wait to testify. Remain blessed

  46. Vee

    Awesome!! Answered prayer….

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O God Arise and Give Me A Winning Goooooaaal!

O God Arise and Give Me A Winning Goooooaaal!

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